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The weSPOT project - kickoff meeting today!

Alexandra Okada, Wednesday 17 October 2012

The kickoff meeting of the weSPOT project took place in Heerlen, Netherlands. Funded by the European Commission, 9 partner institutions will collaborate throughout the next 3 years to provide a Working Environment with Social, Personal and Open Technologies for Inquiry Based Learning across European higher academic institutions and schools.

The weSPOT environment will support users (from 12 to 25) to develop their inquiry based learning skills by means of smart support tools for orchestrating inquiry workflows including mobile apps, learning analytics and social collaboration.

KMi - represented by Ale Okada, Alex Mikroyannidis and Peter Scott - will be responsible for Personal and Social Inquiry Workflows as well as two pilots related to Biodiversity and Food.

weSPOT is tackling the key issue of innovating inquiry based learning by integrating social, personal and open technologies for connecting informal and formal learning experiences. During the project, a reference model for inquiry skills as well as a diagnostic instrument will be developed to measure the individual performance on the defined inquiry skills.

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