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ENGAGE reaches 1200 teachers in a few weeks

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

Alexandra Okada, Wednesday 09 July 2014 |

The European project ENGAGE  “Equipping the Next Generation for Active Engagement in Science” engaged 1200 teachers who signed up and started to download the learning materials. This project is part of the EU Science in society agenda to promote more Responsible Research and Innovation’ (RRI).

ENGAGE is designed to provide sustained professional development, through an online community built around the use of science-in-the-news, OER curriculum materials with learning analytics, MOOCs for just-in-time learning, and a brokering system for creating school-scientist partnerships.

The ENGAGE website, developed by  KMi team (the technical and legacy lead  Ale Okada, the webmaster  Damian Dadswell  and the graphical designer Harriett  Cornish) was launched a few weeks ago in June 2014. An impressive number of teachers from the UK started to download the curriculum materials.   

Building on best practice from previous projects, we intend to influence 12,000 teachers across Europe, and extend this to pre-service teachers and their trainers during 3 years ( 2014 -2016).  Teachers have already been writing positive comments:

“I downloaded this activity this morning and used it this afternoon!”

 “Overall an enjoyable lesson and I will definitely use it again”.

“If you maintain the standard set in Upd8 you are destined to be a resounding success. Fantastic work -many thanks.”

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