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Developing learning content for reuse

Significant funds have been invested internationally in the development of learning content for reuse

Reusing online resources is one of the essential strategies for a sustainable approach to e-learning .

“Learning resources are insufficient to attend the needs of higher education. The estimated number of academic students around the world in 2025 is 160 million" (See John Daniel, Mega Universities and Knowledge Media – Kogan Page 1996).

Create Relevant Resources

For Koper (2001) many educational institutions are adopting new approaches to increase effectiveness due to several factors such as the need for:

– a more individualized and personalized approach to learning – collaboration, discussion and product creation – teaching complex skills – lifelong learning

Koper, EJR (2001) Modeling Units of Study from a Pedagogical Perspective: The pedagogical metamodel behind EML, Open Universiteit Nederland

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